Anja Sylvester Managing Director, LaLoG LandLogistik GmbH

Anja Sylvester
Matthias Frommann

Anja Sylvester, graduate geographer, has been working for Interlink since 2005 and advises transport companies and municipal authorities on road and rail-based transport. She is passionate about solutions to promote local mobility in rural areas. Her expertise in sales, communication and her enthusiasm for innovation enable her not only to plan concepts, but also to work on their implementation.

With the project "kombiBUS Uckermark" - freight transport in the regular and on-demand transport of the Uckermärkische Verkehrsgesellschaft in the state of Brandenburg, she has been working to understand and recombine mobility and logistics as a system for 12 years.

With the founding of LaLoG LandLogistik GmbH in 2017, she has been managing associate for this company. With the mFUND project "CargoSurfer", the second mainstay is now established with a multimodal logistics system nationwide that combines free loading areas from passenger and freight transport journeys that have already been carried out. This time, with the aim of providing a solution for rural areas, in the field of logistics.