Jan Dittberner Group Leader DIN - G Aviation and Building Equipment / Managing Director DIN Logistics Coordination Office

Jan Dittberner

Jan Dittberner has headed the Aviation and Building Equipment Group at DIN for several years, which comprises the DIN Technical Standards Committees for Valves and Fittings (NAA), Heating and Ventilation Systems and their Safety (NHRS), Refrigeration (FNKä), Oil and Gas Extraction (NÖG) and Aerospace (NL). As with these, as Managing Director he is also responsible for the DIN Standards Committee Fundamentals of Standardization Work (NAGLN), in which the rules of standardization work are laid down. Since many committees in his field are related to logistics and there is no explicit DIN standards committee for logistics, he was responsible for a project starting in 2014 that reviewed the relevance of logistics in existing standards and committees and later led to the founding of the DIN Logistics Coordination Office, which he now also heads.

Before joining DIN, he worked in the field of production and manufacturing technology at the Technical University of Berlin, where he had previously also completed his mechanical engineering studies in biomedical technology.