Thomas Gräbner CEO OpenTelematics e.V.

Graebner Thomas
Graebner Thomas

Thomas Gräbner was born in Dresden in 1975 and graduated from high school there. After completing 4 years of service in the military, he completed a commercial apprenticeship and at the same time ventured into self-employment with partners. A successfully completed business degree provided the foundation for future tasks and gave decisive impulses for the development of sales concepts in the areas of communication and automotive.

In the 2000s, Thomas Gräbner was responsible for building up a Germany-wide wholesale company in the automotive and communications sector. During this time, close partnerships were established with well-known manufacturers, OEMs and mobile network operators. Through this collaboration, Thomas Gräbner was able to gain valuable experience in the areas of sales and customer relations and build a broad network in the automotive industry.

In 2008, he joined the telematics company YellowFox GmbH as sales manager, where he was responsible for the strategic orientation and business development of the company in close cooperation with the management.

Until 2020, he accompanied the company's growth process from "underdog" to market leader for telematics and fleet management solutions. During this time, he expanded partnership relationships, networked different market participants and pushed for the establishment of an independent association for the standardized exchange of telematics data with other companies.

Since 2019, he has served as a board member of OpenTelematics e.V. and has since been a strong advocate for a standardized, digital exchange of order and logistics data. To date, he contributes his knowledge and experience to other companies, including as a supervisory board member and shareholder. Thomas Gräbner is married and has two children. His vision is that one day a large part of the data in the area of transport logistics can be exchanged simply, standardized and without individualization effort.