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Alternoil, a subsidiary of avanca corporation The avanca corporation is known for sustainable energy and logistics solutions. The subsidiary company, Alternoil, operates filling stations and is a pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy-duty transport. The medium-sized enterprise provides advanced, environmentally friendly, and profitable fuel alternatives for heavy-duty trucks, actively contributing to the expansion of a comprehensive sustainable refueling network. Since late 2020, Alternoil has been offering not only LNG but also the fuel REEFUEL (bio-LNG and eLNG) at its filling locations. In doing so, the company relies on its existing partner network with numerous fuel card acceptances and its filling stations infrastructure. Currently, refueling is possible at 50 LNG stations within the Alternoil network. Alternoil pursues a holistic concept that encompasses the planning, establishment, smooth operation, and supply of stations for advanced fuels. For more information, visit: