Business partner Aplicom


Aplicom designs and manufactures professional telematics devices and provides software, support and consultation services for them.

Designed for use in vehicles and industrial machinery, Aplicom devices and telematics software offer a versatile and reliable platform for telematics, telemetry and IoT solutions.

The devices collect and send data, such as location, speed and acceleration, as well as data from external sensors like the vehicle CAN bus, Bluetooth and several others.

Aplicom partners with service providers and system integrators to offer complete solutions for their customers. We also deliver telematics devices directly to vehicle and machinery OEMs for their own telematics and IoT solutions.

Today, Aplicom products are used in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and the company is an approved supplier for several major vehicle and industrial equipment manufacturers.

All products are designed and manufactured sustainably in Finland.

Aplicom – Your Sustainable Telematics Partner