Business partner Axxès


Founded in Lyon in 2005, the French fintech company Axxès was a pioneer for the European Electronic Toll Service (EEMD/ EETS) in 2015.

With more than 300,000 equipped vehicles, over 50 partners and 40,000 customers, Axxès is the leading player in the dynamic market of interoperable electronic toll collection for heavy vehicles. The company offers the B'moov on-board unit, an intelligent and reliable tolling solution for both freight and passenger carriers. Meanwhile, B'moov offers 13 countries with a total of 17 toll networks, as well as other digital services such as geo-localization and data interfaces to the most important logistics platforms.

Axxès also works actively to develop and implement innovative solutions that help carriers operate more efficiently and profitably. Through close dialogue with the transport industry, the company understands the importance of reliable and smooth interoperable mobility in Europe and is committed to setting the necessary standards and continuously improving its services. To this end, innovative tools and cutting-edge technologies are used to meet this demand.

The company relies on strategic cooperations and the development of new business opportunities to further consolidate its position as a leading provider in this field. To drive its market presence in German-speaking regions, Axxès opened a branch office in Frankfurt am Main in April 2023. A team of six operates from there for the DACH region.

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